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Bigoen, with its extensive experience and expert team in the industry, is now by your side for artificial intelligence consultancy! With our team of Bigoen, who have solved the challenges of over 1800 clients, we maximize the potential in your business processes through the artificial intelligence consultancy services we offer. By delivering customized artificial intelligence solutions through our AI tool Arconar, we assist you in optimizing your business processes in areas such as data analysis, automation, predictive analytics, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Intelligence Solutions

What is Artificial Intelligence Consultancy, and how does it work?

Artificial Intelligence Consultancy is a service providing expertise, strategy, and solutions related to artificial intelligence to businesses. The consultancy process typically consists of three main steps: understanding the specific needs of the business, examining existing systems and data, and finally, offering suitable artificial intelligence solutions.

In which areas is Artificial Intelligence Consultancy used?

Artificial Intelligence Consultancy can be applied in various sectors, including finance, healthcare, retail, logistics, and manufacturing. It specializes in enhancing efficiency, automation, improving customer experience, optimizing decision-making processes, and data analytics.

How does Artificial Intelligence Consultancy benefit my business?

AI Consultancy increases flexibility, optimizes business processes, and enhances decision-making, allowing businesses to strengthen their competitive power. AI solutions can improve aspects such as data analytics, predictive analysis, customer segmentation, and personalized marketing.

What should I consider during the Artificial Intelligence Consultancy process?

Clearly defining your business needs and goals is crucial during the AI Consultancy process. This helps consultants provide you with the most suitable solutions. Additionally, ensuring data security and compliance is critical for the success of the project.

Is Artificial Intelligence Consultancy costly?

The cost of AI Consultancy depends on the specific needs, complexity, and scale of the project. We evaluate your business requirements before initiating the consultancy process, offering solutions that align with your budget and goals.

How reliable and effective are Artificial Intelligence Solutions?

Ensuring the reliability and effectiveness of solutions is a top priority during the AI Consultancy process. Our expert team creates high-performance AI solutions using the latest technologies and best practices. We also provide continuous support to optimize and update your solutions regularly.

How long does it take to complete Artificial Intelligence Consultancy projects?

The completion time of AI Consultancy projects varies based on project complexity, size, and your business needs. We create a project plan before starting, keeping you informed at every stage. We aim to minimize time while maintaining quality.

What data do I need to share, and how is this data protected?

Specific data may be required for AI Consultancy projects. Ensuring the security and confidentiality of your data is our priority. All data during the consultancy process is securely stored, and appropriate security measures are implemented. We provide complete transparency during data sharing and collaboration.

Can Artificial Intelligence Consultancy projects be scaled according to needs?

Yes, AI Consultancy projects can be scaled based on the size, needs, and goals of your business. Our consultants design your project and solutions to be adaptable to future growth or changes. We offer solutions that consider sustainability and scalability for future requirements.

Where should I start working with Artificial Intelligence Consultancy?

You can start working with Artificial Intelligence Consultancy by reaching out to us. Our experts will assess your business needs and propose a tailored solution. We are here to support you in determining the most suitable artificial intelligence strategy and solutions to achieve your business goals.

Our Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Optimization Consultancy

  Artificial Intelligence (AI) Optimization Consultancy is an expert service that helps your business increase efficiency and gain a competitive advantage by utilizing artificial intelligence applications effectively. We assist in maximizing the optimization of your business with Arconar, making your processes smarter and more effective, allowing you to step confidently into the future.

Strategic Consultancy

  AI Strategic Consultancy provides the expertise and knowledge needed to guide your business's artificial intelligence journey, integrate AI tools with Arconar, gain strategic advantages, and become an innovative leader.

Data Consultancy

  AI Data Consultancy focuses on evaluating your business's data assets optimally and providing strategic advantages by integrating them with artificial intelligence. We guide you in optimizing your business processes and making more informed decisions through the use of data.

Needs Analysis

  By identifying potential improvements in business processes and areas where artificial intelligence (generative AI) solutions can be applied, we assist businesses in creating strategies aligned with their goals. With our own artificial intelligence tools, we guide you to your desired position.

AI Education Consultancy

  Offering the latest developments and best practices in the industry through our tool Arconar, we guide you to understand and effectively use artificial intelligence technologies. We aim to help you gain a competitive advantage in this rapidly evolving field.

NoCode Project Consultancy

  Our goal is to empower individuals with limited or no software coding knowledge to quickly initiate and manage artificial intelligence projects. Using Arconar, which houses over 100 artificial intelligence tools, we provide guidance on managing the development process from start to finish and effectively using AI applications.

What is Artificial Intelligence Consultancy?

Artificial Intelligence Consultancy is a service that assists businesses in strategically utilizing artificial intelligence technologies. This consultancy service involves experts in the field of artificial intelligence creating customized solutions, guiding the implementation, and providing support during integration processes to meet the specific needs of businesses. In essence, AI consultants help clients optimize business processes, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and gain a competitive advantage by using artificial intelligence technologies.


Benefits of Artificial Intelligence Consultancy

Artificial Intelligence Consultancy assists businesses by providing a strategic roadmap for the effective use of artificial intelligence technologies. This consultancy service offers structured solutions to optimize business processes, make informed decisions through data analysis, enhance customer experience, and gain a competitive advantage. AI consultants stay updated on the latest industry developments, successfully guiding businesses through technological transformation processes. Consequently, businesses can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and achieve a competitive position.

Artificial Intelligence Solution Processes

Needs Analysis

A detailed analysis is conducted to understand the needs and goals of our clients.

Data Collection and Analysis

 Relevant data is collected, analyzed, and evaluated.

Finding Suitable Tools

 Based on the results of data analysis, suitable artificial intelligence tools are identified.

Tool Training and Verification

 The Tools are trained and verified using existing datasets.

Model Implementation

 Verified artificial intelligence tools are integrated into the client's business processes and systems.

Monitoring Progress and Optimization

 The performance of artificial intelligence systems is regularly monitored, and necessary steps for improvement are taken. These steps can be customized according to the client's needs and project requirements.

Software Solutions: Special Solutions for Your Business Needs

Adapting to rapidly changing needs in the business world and gaining a competitive advantage has become inevitable with software solutions. Software solutions specifically designed for the unique requirements of your business offer a range of advantages, including increased efficiency, cost reduction, and optimization of business processes.

Benefits of Software Solutions

Increased Efficiency

 Software solutions automate your business processes, allowing your staff to focus on more strategic tasks. This enables you to increase your business volume and optimize efficiency.

Cost Reduction

 Customized software solutions minimize your operational costs. With advanced data analytics, accurate reporting, and effective resource management, you can keep your costs under control.

Optimization of Business Process

 Software solutions designed to make your business processes more efficient minimize time wastage and accelerate decision-making processes.

Improvement in Customer Service

 CRM software solutions help strengthen customer relationships and increase customer satisfaction.

How It Works?

Software solutions are customized to meet the specific needs of your business. This process begins with analysis and consultation, followed by design and development stages. As a result, a custom software solution is created for your business and integrated by our expert team.


Regardless of the size or industry of your business, software solutions provide the key to making your business processes more effective, efficient, and competitive with tailor-made solutions. Contact us and discover customized solutions for your business!

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