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Today, most websites are now compatible with mobile and tablet devices. The main reason for this is that 90% of the users connecting to the internet connect from mobile devices. Although users use websites actively here, the tendency to prefer mobile applications instead of websites in frequent use is increasing day by day. The main reason for this is that most of the websites cannot provide the mobile application experience to the users. That's why businesses need a user-friendly, modern, unique and flexible mobile application.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile Application

What is Mobile Application?

Mobile applications are codes that are specially designed and turned into applications for Android and IOS devices. Mobile applications are preferred due to their ease of access and time savings.

Who is the mobile application developer?

Mobile application developers are people who prepare applications for Android and IOS platforms. After the application is released, it continues to make improvements periodically.

How to develop a mobile application?

There are certain stages to develop a mobile application. 1- The scope of the mobile application should be determined. It may be desirable to develop a mobile application where you can become a member, shop or have fun. 2- In order to maximize the user experience, the target audience should be determined. 3- The size of the mobile application and the budget should be determined. 4- The design of the application should be decided.

How to make a mobile application for Android?

In order to develop mobile applications on Android-based devices, it is necessary to have command of coding languages ​​such as Java, C, C++ and Python. Afterwards, the design and needs are determined and the construction of the application begins.

How to make a mobile application for iOS?

Developing applications for mobile devices with IOS operating system is more complex than Android. XCode and Objective C software languages ​​are used to develop iOS compatible applications. In addition to these, C and C++ software languages ​​are also used.

What are the mobile app prices?

Mobile app prices become varied according to the storage space it provides,which operating system it is designed for and the number of languages ​​it uses.

What are mobile application software languages?

Mobile applications are prepared in many different software languages ​​according to the operating system to be used. These; They are different programming languages ​​such as Java, C, C++, Phyton, XCode and Objective C.

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Development Opportunity on All Platforms

App for App Store

We develop the iOS mobile application with a unique and modern interface, user-friendly, secure and stable infrastructure.

App for Huawei AppGallery

We publish the application we developed on the Android side to Huawei's app store, and seamlessly to Huawei users.

App for Google Play

We are developing the Android mobile application with a unique and modern interface, user-friendly, secure and stable infrastructure.

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