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Today, an average of 90% of users connect to the internet from mobile devices. For this reason, in order to ensure that the website can be seen on every device, it should be designed primarily as mobile compatible. Mobile website designs, which are prepared considering the habits of internet users, are much more attractive to visitors due to their very comfortable use. Mobile compatible web design sites, which are among the most effective solutions for those who want to use today's most effective advertising and marketing tools by going beyond traditional marketing methods, also play an important role in increasing sales volume. Mobile-friendly website designs, which allow users to be positively affected and give them a different experience, allow companies to be accessible almost every minute.

Frequently Asked Questions About Web Design

What is Web Design?

Web designs are the works that create the appearance of the site with graphics and texts that will introduce products, services, people or institutions. Web design also determines the structure and user experience of the site.

Who is called a Web Designer?

A web designer is the person responsible for the creation of a person's or company's website. Web designers are people who know design principles, know the necessary coding languages ​​(HTML, CSS, etc.), have SEO knowledge and can manage content.

What are the basic elements of web design?

The main elements of web design; It consists of processes such as editing the texts and graphics used on the site, choosing colors, fonts for the pages and logos and photos that will not adversely affect the speed of the site, and preparing interesting and SEO-friendly content.

What is corporate website design?

Corporate websites reflect the identity of companies and operate by reaching a large number of users. Therefore, it is very important what kind of design to use. Every corporate business will need a unique and professional web design. At this point, corporate companies should get help by choosing agencies that offer a quality web design service.

How are web design prices determined?

There are many factors that affect web design prices. These; These are factors such as the experience of the service provider, the type of website, infrastructure, size, number of pages, scope, and language options on the website.

What is web software?

Unlike the design, the web software cannot be viewed by users. However, it is one of the most basic stages of website development. There are many different programming languages ​​for web programming. For example, PHP, C#, Java and XML are some of them.

What are the website builder platforms?

There are dozens of platforms used for website setup. Wordpress is the most popular among them. With thousands of themes and plugins, Wordpress is the world's most popular website creation platform. Apart from Wordpress, other platforms are available such as SiteBuilder, BigCommerce, Weebly, Wix, and GoDaddy.

Let's Prepare Your Face in the Digital World

A website is the corporate interface of the company in the digital world. It allows you to reach potential customers by providing detailed information about your products and services. We prepare original, innovative and special designs for your company. While preparing these designs, we consider many factors from user experience to search engine optimization. Before preparing your site, our experts analyze your business and examine your competitors and your industry. With the data obtained from these studies, they implement the most suitable website for you. You are always one step ahead of your competitors with the sites developed by our expert engineers.


Safe and Stable

Your project is safely backed up in our infrastructure and remains live without interruption. Your project remains secure with an SSL certificate.

Fast and Mobile Compatible

Your project is prepared according to your wishes and to be advantageous in competitive conditions. While designing mobile compatible, it is done in detailed studies different from the desktop view by paying attention to the user experience.

Original and Flexible

With a modern design specific to your project, you will be ahead of your competitors. Thanks to its flexible structure, you have an infrastructure suitable for new developments.

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