Artificial Intelligence and Graphic Design
Artificial Intelligence and Graphic Design
Ayşe Nisanur Hacıbebekoğlu

Artificial Intelligence and Graphic Design

Artificial Intelligence (AI), with its analytical problem-solving and cognitive abilities, has become a popular topic in recent times and has found its way into our daily lives. AI-supported tools are now appearing in many areas of everyday life, including graphic design.

Concerning designers, AI has led to various questions and problems regarding functionality, creativity, and productivity. Designs produced through AI have become a separate topic of discussion when considering the identity of the designer and the adequacy of the resulting design. Many people without professional knowledge or experience have started producing logo, website, and poster designs using AI-supported tools. Although AI platforms that meet the consumer's needs at the desired level may be somewhat distant from designs unique to human intelligence, they still affect the professional groups working in the design field. While using these tools is sometimes considered laziness, even designers sometimes resort to them, and in some cases, they can be quite time-saving.

It is crucial to how the designer and the consumer use AI. To maintain originality and productivity, a designer can use AI to manage time-consuming stages such as market research and idea generation. Graphic design processes can gain speed with the advancement of AI. However, if an original design is desired, we can say that the real power to fully meet this demand is still in the hands of designers trained in this field. Therefore, AI-supported platforms can't completely replace graphic designers. But on the other hand, AI can provide significant and positive contributions to the design sector, and we shouldn't ignore this conclusion.

For example, there are many useful AI tools when conducting visual research and needing new ideas. These tools can generate content in countless variations. Of course, as we mentioned before, they can't fully meet the expectation of an entirely original design, but they are still very helpful to facilitate and improve design processes. Some of these tools are:

1. Dall-E: One of the popular tools, Dall-E is software developed by OpenAI. Its library is quite easy to use and successful in terms of content.

2. Deep AI: An easy-to-use piece of software that enables you to evaluate the text you write and create visuals. It can help you see various options for the rough draft ideas in your mind when you are creating a design.

3. MidJourney: This software can be used via Discord bots to produce different visuals.

4. Imagen: Another design software developed by Google.

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