Intelligent Form Tool Success Story
Intelligent Form Tool Success Story
Zeynep Aksoy

Intelligent Form Tool Success Story

The convenience and advantages that the digital world brings to users are now common knowledge. However, at this point, users want much more than that and they want to reach personalized experiences quickly and easily. Businesses that can provide this opportunity to their target audience are much more likely to increase their sales and customer base. And today, we would like to introduce you to our intelligent form, which will help your business in this regard.


Intelligent forms are dynamic forms that progress and take shape based on the responses given by users or customers. They facilitate the sharing of information for a specific purpose, enable the collection of information from customers or users, ensure that this information is effectively processed in accordance with their preferences. They also automate the data collection phase, support and facilitate the sales process. 

With intelligent forms, you can create much more subjective and detailed plans for your target audience and offer them the best service options that are suitable for them based on the framework that will be created as a result of the answers they provide. In this way, your chances of making a sale will also increase.

Now, in which fields and how can you use intelligent forms? 

Intelligent forms can be used in any industry or field where you need to collect information from customers or users for sales purposes. For example, by using intelligent form on your e-commerce site, you can categorize your products or services and help your customers reach more refined results with the choices they make or the answers they give within a few seconds. If you own a business that offers tourism services, you can also use intelligent form to help customers reach options that are suitable for their preferences with the questions you direct to them. Or let’s say you provide subscription-based services in different fields. You can direct your customers to the most suitable subscriptions for them based on their choices made with the intelligent form system. As you can see, there is a wide and comprehensive range of industries for the use of this tool.

For example, we integrated our intelligent form tool into the website we developed for one of our customers who operates in the healthcare tourism industry as a dental hospital owner. Thereafter, our customer experienced a significant increase in the number of patients requesting appointments and their services. And also the number of forms they received from patients increased by 87%.


Another customer of ours who provides services in the field of solar energy systems, used the intelligent form to segment their customers in detail. By targeting the right customers, they achieved their goals and received an average of 72% more customer forms per month. The sales process gained momentum and support.

Another one of our customers, who is the owner of an aesthetic surgery hospital operating in the healthcare tourism industry, used our intelligent form tool. They obtained over 76% more forms per month and experienced a significant increase in patient demand.

And again, another customer of ours, who provides digital services to their target audience, obtained over 84% more forms per month with intelligent customer segmentation and experienced great increases in their sales rate.

At the end of the whole process, our business partners who used the intelligent form reached over 93,000 smart forms in 2022.

Now it's your turn to use intelligent form for a better future for your business. It saves time and effort, reduces the workload, greatly increases the sales potential, and take your business to a different level! 

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