Should I Prefer SEO or SEM?
Should I Prefer SEO or SEM?
Emre Alabuğa

"What is the difference between SEO service and SEM? Should I choose SEO or SEM?" To get answers to your questions, let's first examine what both options are and what they offer you.

What is SEO?

SEO service means search engine optimization . It is the name given to the whole of the work done for your websites to gain visibility and clicks in the results of search engines. The duration of these studies may increase or decrease according to the size of your industry. A comprehensive SEO service takes an average of 6 months. And it should not be forgotten that there is no guarantee of being in the first place in search engine studies.

The SEO process, on-site SEO and We can divide it into two as off-site SEO. On-site SEO is a process in which we carry out user-oriented optimization studies for your website with relevant keywords. There are many factors such as examining and optimizing the content, removing the pages that do not receive traffic, performing optimization studies that will enable users to navigate your website easily and quickly, arranging the titles and descriptions.

Off-site SEO, on the other hand, is the process where we get links from websites with high value and traffic to your website. We recommend that you get a concise link while obtaining a link. Off-site SEO service should not be seen as only interventions to your website. At this point, support should be obtained from social media management, platforms such as LinkedIn and Youtube. In summary, maximum efficiency and benefit are obtained by utilizing all platforms in an effective SEO service.

Search engines have more than 200 algorithms.  While providing SEO services to your website, you should be aware of and pay attention to these algorithms. If it is desired to be in the first place in search engine results, it is necessary to work to produce useful content for users, not to influence search engines. If the search engines realize that you are trying to influence them, they will perceive it as spam and you can get a filter penalty. When we follow the current algorithm changes, we see that these are user-oriented algorithms. When you act user-oriented, you will get more efficiency and your work will be permanent. 

What is SEM?

SEM stands for search engine marketing. They are paid advertisements we give to search engines. The aim in SEM is to rank higher in search engine results by paying the fee. There are certain platforms when using SEM. These platforms are platforms such as Google Adwords, Facebook Bussines Manager, E-Mail Marketing.

Actually, when SEM is mentioned, many people think of Google Adwords . One reason why everyone thinks of Adswords directly is because it is the most common and most important SEM channel. The reason for this is that Google offers a wide range of options to those who want to market within its structure.
You can create ads that you can reach your target audience on the Google AdWords platform. With Google AdWords, you can create ads that fully appeal to your wishes by adjusting sponsored links, text and video ads according to the desired geographic location, a certain time period and the language spoken in that region.

You can open an ad account in 5 minutes!

Opening a digital ad account takes 5 minutes. You too "next" You can open a Google ad within minutes by pressing the buttons. However, you don't know how much of your money is being used correctly. Unless SEM is done correctly, you will waste 80-90% of your budget. Simply put, let a competitor get 100 customers for 50 TL a day. If you do not do a proper SEM study, you may have to spend 500 TL to reach 100 customers. This will return to you as an extra and heavy cost that increases exponentially over time.

An effective SEM should enable you to reach more potential customers at less cost. That's why we recommend you to buy SEM service from an effective and high quality digital marketing agency.

If we need to list the elements to be considered in the SEM service; keyword selection should be done well and effectively,

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